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Club Repairs at Club Champion

Club Repairs at Club Champion

Equipment malfunction? We’ve got you covered. Club Champion can provide you with more than a fitting, we can service all your club needs!

We’ve made a name for ourselves in the fitting realm of the golf industry but little do people know, we can perform club repairs, too.

Every Club Champion location has its own miniaturized version of our Chicagoland build shop and can perform repairs in-house depending on the intricacy of the required repair.

Say your clubhead comes loose or a grip is shifting, just get in touch with your fitter/club doctor. Touch-ups like that are easy-peasy and shouldn't need to be sent off to our Chicagoland facility.

Club length, as well as loft, lie, and swingweight adjustments can usually also be done in-store. Every Club Champion Master Fitter is also trained as a Master Builder. They’re trained to understand the entire club building process partly so they can be an even more effective resource in the fitting bay but also so they can perform the adjustments you need.

Whether your clubs are built by us or not, we’re still inclined to improve your game with the best possible equipment. So, regardless of whether your clubs were built or fitted by us, we can still facilitate repairs! Just head into your local Club Champion for more info.

Say something more severe happens to your club like a club face dent or a shaft snap. Issues like that will usually require a warranty submission, but our team can help with that. We may be able to send certain breaks or damage to our Chicago shop for a fix but anything more intense will have to go through the OEM for a warranty replacement if the break is applicable under their policies.

Regardless, always start with your Club Champion fitter as a resource when your clubs need a little TLC.

If you have any further questions about our repair services or need to schedule a repair, shoot an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

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