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All About SST PURE

All About SST PURE

Club Champion's Unofficial Guide to the SST PURE process and how it can help you play better, more consistent golf.

Could you define “plane of oscillation'' without Googling it? Good. Neither could I before I started working at Club Champion.

Even with the definition for context, I imagine you’re still unclear how it relates to golf. For the sake of this blog, it relates directly to the SST PURE process. This process is designed to make you hit the golf ball straighter and more consistently, with less deterioration.

We like to call PUREing the golf industry’s best kept secret, but the problem with secrets is: people don’t know about them. The ins and outs of the PUREing process can be confusing so let’s break it down and explain how PUREd clubs = better clubs.

What is SST PURE?

It is a shaft alignment process that analyzes and ensures a golf shaft is installed in a clubhead at its most stable orientation. Any cylindrical object can be PUREd. Pipes, fishing rods and even a Pringles can all have a perfect alignment — the SST PURE system finds that alignment and makes it a reality.

For golfers specifically, this means more consistency in your swings. Consistency means more repeatable successes (and a better understanding of your misses) which leads to better performance.

Why do shafts need to be PUREd?

Golf shafts are like fingerprints; no two are the same. In the manufacturing process, any little thing can create the smallest irregularity in a shaft’s straightness, roundness and stiffness.

Structural imperfections may give a shaft its personality, but they can also lead to inconsistencies that your body needs to overcome during a golf swing. SST PUREing pinpoints imperfections to find the ideal plane of oscillation (I hope you paid attention above!) to minimize or eliminate those inconsistencies. Additionally, any shaft can be PUREd: graphite, steel or otherwise.

What are the benefits to having my shafts PUREd?

The simple answer: better golf. The longer answer: the process adds a level of consistency to your swing and ball flight that is otherwise unachievable with imperfect shafts. Instead of working against the torque of the club, your body can swing though more effortlessly for a cleaner impact and softer feel.

How much does PUREing cost?

Club Champion charges $40 to PURE new shafts with sets built from scratch in our build shop.

RetroPUREing, or PUREing clubs that were previously assembled, is also an option. It is a bit more costly due to the disassembling/reassembling that is required (about $80 per shaft at Club Champion).

What else should I know about SST PURE?

Almost $2 billion has been won on the professional tours by golfers with PUREd shafts. Everyone from Tiger Woods to Lexi Thompson has experienced the benefits of SST PUREd shafts during a tournament. It is not a required cost for your build through us, but if you don't get it, you may be sacrificing better performance of your equipment.


On a more personal note, I’ve gotten to actually PURE a fair amount of shafts myself — I may have even done your set! The coolest thing to me is that the machine itself looks like something straight out of the Bat Cave. Working on the machine literally makes me feel like Batman trying to track down the Joker using crazy technology — who wouldn’t want to feel like Batman?

In conclusion…

The SST PURE process helps you play better golf by making your shaft perform better. We believe in it so ardently that our founder, Nick Sherburne, said on our Fits With the Founder podcast, “If you’re not gonna PURE your golf clubs, you’re doing it wrong. I’m just going to be that blunt with you.”

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