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How often should you get fit for clubs?

How often should you get fit for clubs?

There’s a misconception that a club fitting needs to happen annually since that’s how often new equipment options hit the market. But if not yearly — how often?

All things being equal, your custom-fitted clubs can last upwards of five years assuming you care for them properly and check in on details like lofts and lies. If all things AREN’T equal — you’re losing speed, you’re seeing performance issues like slicing, you’ve changed your swing with lessons, etc. — it’s time to get re-fit.

This varies golfer to golfer but the one consistency is that a fitting doesn’t always equal new clubs. If your clubs are three+ years old, there’s a good chance that the technology available has surpassed those designs. In that case, your ideal bag makeup may involve at least a few new clubs in problem areas. But custom fitters like Club Champion can fit existing sets, gap your clubs, adjust your lofts/lies, regrip, and more to make the most out of the equipment you want to keep. 

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Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of when you should get re-fit for clubs:


Fitted woods will typically last you around three years depending on how your swing and your clubs age. If you’re starting to top and slice the ball, or you’re not getting the same distance you once were, it’s time to go get re-fit.

It could be as simple as a loft adjustment, a more optimized shaft, or even something small like a new grip. The club technology available today is arguably still going to be incredible in a couple years — you just have to make sure it’s still incredible for you.


Because of the percentage of use, fitted irons are built for precision and tend to last longer than woods. Irons that are fitted to your unique swing can easily get you through five years assuming there are no big changes to your swing. However, the lofts and lies of your irons change over time from use, storage, leaning, impact, etc. Because of this, we recommend taking a look at your lofts and lies annually to ensure you’re still playing an optimized set.


This comes down to usage and playing conditions but a good rule of thumb is to consider new wedges every 80 rounds. It's worth noting that the entire set might not need replacing — many golfers favor certain wedges — but the face condition, grooves, and loft/lie are all good indicators that it might be time for a wedge fitting. 


Although arguably the most impactful in your bag, the putter is the wild card of the fitting world. Wear and tear isn’t as big of a factor when it comes to putters, so it may last you decades (as long as you’re monitoring loft and lie metrics and regripping when necessary). 

However, if you find yourself missing putts left or right, or leaving putts short, it may be time to make a change. Changes can be as small as a regrip, or as large as needing a new head style. It’s unlikely that you’ll need a new putter annually but you should be checking in on performance at least that often with a Master Fitter and technology like SAM PuttLab. 

Overall, ‘new’ isn’t always better. We know it can be tempting to test all of the latest and greatest equipment and technology, but it’s not always necessary. Just make sure to monitor your clubs and performance, and we will be here when your bag is ready to be re-fit! 

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