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club champion

club champion

Throw it Back

Throw it Back

Fits with the Founder

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On this episode of Fits with the Founder, Nick and Cassie discuss the club throw and share stories about the times they've witnessed tensions boil over on the course. PLUS: a recap of the PGA Championship and Yea or Nays.

(00:00-09:14) PGA Championship weekend recap: JT's win, Mito's collapse, Tiger's withdrawal and John Daly's shenanigans
(09:15-13:20) Jack Nicklaus being sued by Nicklaus Companies and Memorial Day weekend plans
(13:21-16:13) Club Champion updates: new demos and new stores
(16:13-30:54) Yea Or Nays: Golf carts on Tour, yelling during PGA events, Stranger Things and more
Listener Questions
(30:55-34:15) How well can an old shaft perform with a new head or vice versa? Typically, technology adapts hand-in-hand, so can old components work with new ones? 
(34:16-37:54) How often should golfers "experiment" with clubs? Should their bag look different each round if they play in different conditions?
(37:55-45:58) Club throws: funniest, scariest, or farthest club throw you've ever seen/done?

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