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club champion

club champion

WITB - Dan Petrarca

WITB - Dan Petrarca


Hi, my name's Dan Petrarca. I'm our operations supervisor here at Club Champion. I oversee our receiving and picking department on a day-to-day. Right here, we're in our picking aisle where all the inventory gets picked for customers' orders. Today, I'm going to go through what's in my bag.

We'll start off with the driver first. Head cover is a stitch head cover with our Pure and Club Champion logo on it. After a lot of testing this year, went with the Stealth Plus nine degree with the LAgolf DJ shaft in it. This combination worked out for me really good in the bay, my dispersion was getting really tight with it. It increased my ball speed and total distance, can't really wait to get this on the course this year. Next up we got in the bag is my old reliable. It's been in the bag for a while now. It's aTaylormade RocketBallz three wood. I've had this in the bag for a while, it's kind of one of my fairway finders. I like hitting three woods off the tee a lot, and this is something, if I really need to hit thefairway, I take it out. It's been in my bag for a while and I really like the results I get from it. What I am trying out this year is the new Taylormade Stealth three wood. I hit this in the bay and numbers were really, really good. Paired it with The Vylyn by VA shaft, 75 Five. The biggest thing I like about it is the ability to hit it off the tee. That's why I went with the Stealth instead of that Stealth Plus. Really got a little bit of bigger head, a little more forgiveness, ultimately a really good fairway club as well. Moving on through my bag, I got another Stealth Fairway Wood in the bag. Went with a seven wood, never had a seven wood, always used to have like a hybrid or a Three Iron in the bag, but I really don't like the feel of a hybrid, I tend to over hook it sometimes. The Seven Wood is hitting a lot straighter. It's nice to hit into greens, it really holds the green really well. Also have the Vylyn 75 Five inhere as well. Love the shaft, was hitting it great in the bay, so I decided to put in the Seven Wood as well.

All right, so continuing through the bag, got the Srixon ZX7 Irons with Project X 6.0 shafts with ablack Onyx finish on them. Got the multi compound blackout grips as well on these. Last year, I got fitted for irons, we went through a bunch in the bay and landed on these ZX7s. They were giving me the best numbers, best ball speed, the best consistency. Never really thought about hitting Srixon irons before in my fitting. But, when I hit these in the bay, they were a no brainer to go with. So I played them all last year, I'm going to continue playing them this year. I really like the sole, all the way it's grinded here, it really gets through the turf nice. And like I said, a great iron to be playing with and I'm going to play them again this year.

Moving through the bag, got the Wedges here. Always been a Vokey guy, these were the SM8s I got last year. Never had the raw finish before, but decided to go with that last year, really like the feel that comes off the face when you're hitting these, I've got the Project X shafts in them as well. I did put Eight Iron shafts in them to make them a little bit softer, get some more spin on your shots. These are also pured as well as the rest of my bag. What we have for my set makeup is a 50 degree 08. I'm more ofa sweeper, I don't really dig too far into the ground. So that lower bounce is good for me. The 54, I have a 10S grind. The 10S grind is a really good grind, especially in the Midwest, it's a nice versatile grind. Soft to wet conditions, it's still really good in hard conditions as well. Those full shots, those mid shotsaround the green really, really versatile grind, which is why I like it a lot. For the 58, I've got the 08M. I like this grind a lot when you can open it up, really nip the ball, get some spin on it. It's really, really good on full shots as well, you don't feel that it's digging too much. So it's a really, really versatile wedge grind, which is why I play it.

Next up, I've got the putter, got the head cover from a buddy here at work. It's got all the Bettinardi logos on it, really cool looking. The putter itself, I've got the BB1 Long Neck. This is a Club Champion exclusive putter that Bettinardi mills for us. It's a really cool looking putter, I've always been a blade putter. I never really got into mouths too much, and I have a more of a straight back, straightforward stroke. So having that face balanced putter really helps me get the ball online, keep it online and really make some good strokes at it. I did put an LA Golf Shaft in this, the TP 105. It's night and day over a steel shaft. I putted around with this with a steel shaft at first, but then once I put this LAGolf Shaft in it was night and day. The feel is amazing, the consistency is amazing, just makes overalltputter really, really good.Let's go through a couple ball markers I do have. I'm not a big ball marker guy, but I usually putt with a Euro.

My family went on a trip to Italy a couple years back, and that's what I've been putting with lately. I did get a couple custom ball markers from Liberty Ball Markers. I got this for my bachelor party,they did a bunch of them. Did kind of a Vegas theme with cactuses and all that with gambling. It's a really cool ball marker, really a lot of weight to it, I've been using that lately as well.So if you ever play golf with me, you know that I always have a speaker in my bag. I'm pro music on the golf course, so I always have this in my bag at all times. Always another thing I have in my bag is, I enjoy some cigars on the golf course, so you always find me with some cigars as well in my bag. So for my golf ball, I play the Wilson Staff staff model. It's a really good ball around the green, it's really responsive, you're not sacrificing the distanceoff the T2, it goes a really long way. So I've been playingthat all the last couple years so far. So that's it for What's In My Bag, hope you guys enjoyed it. If you have any questions or anything, leave them in the comments below.

Thanks guys