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Mitsubishi Golf Shafts fitting at Club Champion

Mitsubishi Custom Golf Club Shafts Fitting

With something for every player profile, Mitsubishi shafts are a must-try for every fitting type, from driver to putter.


Built on the popular D-Limited platform, the Mitsubishi Diamana White Board Shafts were built on a robust technology set for maximum stability and reduce torque. According to Mitsubishi, the new shafts feature Xlink Tech for feel and strength, with 80-ton DIALEAD pitch fiber in the handle for maximum stability and energy transfer.


Ushering in a new era of lightweight performance, the VANQUISH woods shaft is the culmination of years of research from Mitsubishi Chemical. Available in 40 and 50-gram parts, from R2 Flex to Tour Extra Stiff (TX), make no mistake that VANQUISH is all about speed. With their new Amorphous Wire Technology used in the butt section to increase stability and the use of proprietary 46- and 40-ton fiber and lightweight Super Low Resin Content prepreg material, you can be sure that speed will not come at the sacrifice of stability.


“Transformation” in English, the TENSEI line from Mitsubishi Chemical is known for its advanced use of high-end materials and cutting-edge technology. The latest line-up includes a low-launch/low-spin offering in the 1K Pro White as well as a counter-balanced option in the 1K Pro Orange, with a mid-launch 1K Pro Blue looming for release in mid 2023. TENSEI is available in woods, hybrids, and iron shaft options.


Mitsubishi’s Metal Mesh Technology (MMT) shaft line-up is available in a hybrid, iron, and putter shaft. As the leader in graphite woods shaft technology, Mitsubishi developed the MMT irons design to push graphite iron shaft technology forward with specific options for utility irons and wedges as well. The MMT uses metal mesh spread within the graphite fibers of the tip of the shaft for a product that offers the feel benefits of graphite with the strength and stability benefits of traditional steel. The MMT Putter Concept shaft is the latest edition to the MMT family and brings their new 75% lighter SPEEDMESH into putters for the ultimate consistency, feel, and stability.


Mitsubishi C6 was developed as a full-service line exclusively for club fitters to make sure that every player has access to high-end performance at a value. Using their history of shaft design, Mitsubishi has used their C6 line to keep tried and true technology available in a value lineup while the newest, higher-end material remains in their top tier lines. With a traditional flighted line-up from low-launch to high-launch in C6 Onyx, C6 Blue, and C6 Red shafts, there’s an option available for every player. C6 is also available in hybrid and iron shaft offerings so you can play C6 throughout the entire bag.


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