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Articles tagged with: Putter Fitting

Follower Fittings // Driver Fitting to Minimize Slice

Today we have Peter in the bay. A slower swing speed slicer of the golf ball who is hoping to shave some strokes off his game by hitting the driver longer and straighter.

Accra GX Series Shaft Review // Best New Shaft of 2024?

Today, Ian and Mikey are reviewing the new ACCRA GX shafts. With 3 distinct shaft profiles in the line and ACCRA's proprietary, Constant Flex Technology, DyMatch Technology, and Optimized S3 EI profiling.

2024’s Most Forgiving Metalwoods? // Reviewing the Mizuno ST MAX Family

Today, Mikey is testing out the new Mizuno ST MAX driver, fairway wood and hybrid. These ultra-stable members of the ST-230 series could very well put Mizuno firmly back in the metalwood conversation for 2024.

Streamsong Matchplay // Ian and Mike Compete at Streamsong Resort Red

Today Ian and Mike are in beautiful Bowling Green Florida for a match against each other on Streamsong's Red course. Tune in to see who comes out on top!

Bettinardi CB24 Irons // Testing the Brand New Irons

Today Mike is in the bay to test the just unveiled Bettinardi CB24 Irons. After years of research, the putter giants have released their first iron sets.

100MPH Swing Speed Driver Bracket! // TaylorMade Qi10 LS vs Cobra Darkspeed LS

The driver bracket is back! Only this time it's the 100MPH swing speed version! In episode two, Ian is joined by Scott in the bay putting the TaylorMade Qi10 LS up against the Cobra Darkspeed LS.

EDEL ARRAY PUTTERS // The Ultimate Putter Fitting System?

Today we are doing a run through of the Edel Array putting system. With 4 head shapes, 4 hosel shapes, multiple weights and alignment aides that can all be customized, the Array provides players with lots of customization to truly dial in their putting game.

LA Golf Gen2 Putters // Mallet vs Blade

Today Mikey is in the Quintec system to test out two of LA GOLF's new putter options, the Malibu and the Belair. See how his stroke reacts to the new technology in these putters and whether Mike is a mallet or blade kinda guy.

Odyssey AI-One Review // Is This the Biggest Revelation in Putter Technology We’ve Ever Seen?

Fresh from their trip to Texas last week for the Odyssey AI-One launch event, Mike and Ian go in depth into the new putter and see how this new technology really fares against the Classic Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter.

Choosing the Right Putter Grip Size // What Putter Grip Should You Use?

Today, Ian and Mikey are doing an in depth test with 3 different putter grip sizes.

What can a Club Champion putter fitting do for the average weekend warrior?

Her previous fitting series got her on the green — now it’s time to sink some putts!

Putt Putt Playoff with the Ping PLD Putter

Nick and Kyle are back on the mini golf course to test out the premium, precision-milled putters in this playoff round.

Is the 3 Wood Dead? // Getting the Right Gapping with 5 Wood, 3 Wood or Mini Driver

Today, Ian is in the bay to test out if a 3 Wood still has a place in the modern golf bag. For some it will always, but with technology changing quickly and only 14 clubs allowed.

The Science Behind Bryson’s Irons // Testing The Theory Behind Bryson’s New 3D Printed Irons

This one is for the golf nerds! Today Ian is in the bay to demonstrate and explain the physics behind the gear effect and how Bryson Dechambeau's 3D printed Irons from the Masters this year uses Bulge to take address it.

The Perfect Iron Shaft? // Accra iSteel Red Shaft Review

Today Ian is in the bay to test out rhe Accra i-Series RED iron shaft. Billed as combining the best assets from the Dynamic Golf X100 and Project X shafts, Ian compares all three to see how the new shafts affect his swing compared to the gold standards.

Trottie Talks Drivers // A Fitting Guide

Trottie is back to break down everything you need to know about driver fitting in 2024!

100MPH Swing Speed Driver Bracket // The Finals Ai Smoke Triple Diamond vs Qi10 LS

It all comes down to this, at the end of our 100MPH Swing Speed Bracket, we have the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond up against the TaylorMade Qi10 LS, who will take the crown?!

DRIVER BRACKET // FINALS: Darkspeed LS vs 0311 Black Ops Tour

Welcome to the Finals! Today Ian is in the bay putting the Cobra Darkspeed LS up against the PXG 0311 Black Ops Tour driver in the final match of the 2024 Bracket. Who will be named the bracket winner? Let's find out!

FAIRWAY WOODS FOR PAIGE SPIRANAC // Properly Gapping Paige's Top of Bag

Today Paige Spiranac is back in the bay to do a fairway wood fit. Right off the bat Ian notes that her 5 wood and 7 wood are going almost the same distance, so he begins gapping the woods properly and fitting her into a correct set.

Sacks Parente Putter Review // 39 Gram Lightweight Putter Shaft!

Today, Ian and Mikey are diving into the Sacks Parente offerings.

LA Golf's Bel-Air VS. Scotty Cameron Plus // In-Depth look into carbon putters

Today we have Ian and Mikey testing the Bel-Air putter vs. a classic Scotty Cameron design.

Reviewing TaylorMade's NEW Spider GT Max Putter

Check out the TXG team's initial thoughts on TaylorMade's latest adjustable putting innovations

Can the most unique putter heads in the game withstand the trials of a putt putt course?

How much do factors like toe hang and neck style actually matter on the green? We put the Evnroll V-Series to the test with SAM Puttlab technology to find the answer

Custom club fitter offers free putter fittings to encourage a fitted flat stick

Mizuno Pro Past & Present // Comparing the Mizuno Pro 22’ and 24’ Series Irons

Strap in, because this one is a biggie! Ian is in the bay to compare the Mizuno pro 221, 223, 225 against the 241, 243 and 245 editions. See what the guys think of the new styling and playability of Mizuno's premier irons.

Ian’s 2024 WITB // What’s in the Bag For the Start of The Golf Season

Today Ian is in the bay to go through his bag for the start of the golf season! Come see what Ian is trusting to get his game in tip top shape this year!

The BRNR Mini Driver // Taylormade’s New Burner Driver Goes Back to the Future

Today, Ian and Mikey are reviewing a replacement driver. But is just a remake of a classic old driver?

Ian's 2024 Driver Fitting // Will the TSR3 Be Unsurped?

Today Ian is in the bay for his 2024 driver fitting at the hands our very own Mike. See if any of this year's hottest drivers have what it takes to dethrone Ian's beloved TSR3.

Ian’s Callaway Driver Fitting // Which Callaway Driver is Best for Ian?

Today Ian, Mikey and Johnny Wunder are in the bay to try and find Ian's 2024 gamer. Johnny has brought along Tour only heads as well as consumer products to continue the search for Ian's 2024 driver.

BLADES VS CAVITY BACKS // Paige Spiranac Tries Titleist CNCPT CP-04 Irons

Today Ian is back in New York with special guest Paige Spiranac, going through a test ranging from the experimental Titleist CNCPT CP-04 Irons through Titleist 620 MBs to see how the different club head makeups affect her delivery in the bay.

Paradym Ai Smoke Driver Review // Callaway’s Best Driver

Happy New Year! Today Ian is in the bay to test out the brand new Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Driver family. Come see what all the fuss is about as Ian tries out the Max, Max D and Triple Diamond varieties and gets into the details of what makes this year's drivers different from the original Paradym series.

Best of High Launch Fairway Woods // Who is the King of the 3W?

Today we have our final Best Of category of the year! Mikey is in the bay to test out the best mid-high launch fairway woods we have used this year. See who reigns supreme between the Ping g430 Max, Callaway Paradym, Taylormade Stealth 2, Srixon ZX MKII, Mizuno ST-Z and the Titleist TSR2!

Putter Fitting with Paige Spiranac // Can Anything Beat Her Prototype?

Today we are back with Paige Spiranac while she searches for her perfect putter

Take a look Ping’s 2023 putter line and how the latest innovations to all-time classics will help newbies and vets on the greens.

Nick and Kyle return to the putt putt course to pit Evnroll’s ER Zero and ER11vx putters against each other in an ultimate showdown.

Can Mitsubishi’s Metal Mesh Technology help the consistency and feel of your short game?

Old VS New // TaylorMade SLDR vs M5 vs Qi10LS

Fuel up your DeLoreans because we're going back to the future! In our new series OLD vs NEW we examine offerings from 10 years ago, 5 years ago and today with this episode's focus being on TaylorMade's drivers.

Follower Fittings // How to Get Everything Out of Your Current Clubs

Today, longtime Club Champion client Chris is in the bay for a refresh on his irons. Ian shows how to update your irons to get the most out of your set and that a fitting session doesn't always mean getting all new equipment.

The New King of Driver Shafts? / Aretera Alpha One Blue & Grey Review

Today Ian is in the bay for a special video featuring the new Aretera Alpha One driver shafts.

2024 Titleist AVX Ball Review // Does AVX Stand Up to the Pro V's?

Today Ian is back in the bay to review the 2024 Titleist AVX golf ball. Putting it up against the two mainstays of dependable golf balls in the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x.

Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron Phantom Putters // Ian’s first look at the 2024 Phantom Line

Today, Ian is is at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside California and joined by Austie Rollinson to get introduces to the 2024 lineup of Scotty Cameron Phantom mallets.

100MPH DRIVER BRACKET! // Callaway AI Smoke Triple Diamond vs PXG Black Ops 0311 Tour

The driver bracket is back! Only this time it's the 100MPH swing speed version! In episode one, Ian is joined by Scott in the bay putting the Callaway AI Smoke Triple Diamond up against the PXG Black Ops 0311 Tour

Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Woods Review // Is this the future

Welcome back, after last night's reveal of the Ai Smoke Drivers, we now have access to the new Fairway woods from the same family. Ian is in the bay to test out how these new woods feel and perform, so check it out and see if you are due for an upgrade!

Swing Speed Protocols Episode 2 // Improving Your Speed with SuperSpeed Golf

Today we have our second episode from Ian's recent trip to Utah for a series of sessions with Dr. Tyler Standifird and Michael Napoleon on the powers of SuperSpeed Golf protocols and how they can help your game just like they have Padraig Harrington.

Johnny Wunder Putter Fitting // Which Putter Should You Choose?

Today we are back with Johnny Wunder while he searches for his perfect putter. Utilizing the Quintic putter fitting system, Ian and Johnny test out alternative putters to his current gamer.

Can the patented balance and alignment technology of Bloodline's Vale and T8 putters help the guys on the putt putt course?

This fanged putter has a mythical look and monstrous performance!

What in Sam Hill is the SAM Puttlab? Here's an in-depth look at the advanced technology that will assist you in sinking more putts.

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