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Articles tagged with: Golf Shaft Fitting

The Attomax Ball Review // Are They Worth $250 a Dozen?

Today we have a special video, Ian and Mike test the Attomax golf ball, whose slogan is "Pay for gain". Coming in at $250 USD a dozen, we see if the quality really is 4x that of a Pro V1X. The results may shock you!

Best of Series: Driving Irons // Which Driving Iron Gives the Best Performance?

Today Ian is in the bay for another edition of our best of series, this time featuring the best driving irons.

Fix Your Wedge Game for $100

Today, Ian and Mac look into the importance of having the correct lie angle on your wedges. A wedge fitting is vitally important when it comes to consistent ball-striking and accuracy.

Shaft Weight vs. Shaft Flex // What's really most important in choosing your next shaft?

Today, Ian and Mikey test the different effects on your swing from shaft weight and shaft flex by comparing multiple weighted and flex rated shafts and go in depth on the 6 different shaft variations to show which affect Mike's swing the most.


Coming in as the most expensive 3 Wood on the market. Today Ian checks out PING's G430 LST which is designed to be high-launch, low-spin and long-distance bomber fairway wood.

Is Fujikura's VISTA PRO shaft really the most versatile in the industry?

That Range Life's Kris McEwen helps us break down Fuji's wide-range shaft option that could help your golf game

Comparison - Tour Weight Graphite Iron Shafts

Ian and Mikey compare the performance of tour weight graphite iron shafts. Ian tests the Axiom 125 against the Accra TZi 115, LA Golf 120x, Steelfiber 125cw, and MMT 125 TX. Watch to see our analysis and results.

Shaft Tipping Testing feat. Accra's Jeff Lake

Breaking down how shaft tipping can help improve your long game

The wedge game has been revolutionized.

VA Shafts' Vic Afable and PHAT Scooters

Vic Afable of VA Shafts joins the show to talk about the inspiration behind the most unique shaft designs in the industry and the effect of booze on the golf course.

PXG 0317 T Review // Testing Out PXG’s New Irons

Today Ian is in the bay to test out the new PXG 0317 T irons! Watch along to see how they stack up against his old gamers, the 0317 CB's!

Caley Golf 01 & 01T Irons Review // The Best Direct to Consumer Irons Available

Today, Ian and Mikey test out Caley Golf's O1 and O1T direct to consumer golf irons.

Tour Issue Equipment with Johnny Wunder

Today Ian is back in the bay to test out some new tour exclusive designs brought in by our good friend Johnny Wunder.

Taylormade Stealth 2+ vs Titleist TSr4 // Ian Driver Testing

Ian tests the Titleist TSr4 against his Taylormade Stealth 2+ gamer. See how they compare and if Ian decides to make the switch over.


Today we have a product review of the 2024 Apex UW and Apex UT + bonus fitting with Johnny Wunder.

Fujikura Ventus TR Testing with That Range Life's Kris McEwen

What can Fujikura’s Ventus TR shafts do with your swing?

Breaking down the KBS Players Graphite Iron Shafts

How can graphite iron shafts sharpen your iron play?

Trackman Testing: BGT's New BRAVA Driver Shaft

After revolutionizing the putter shaft, can BGT change the long game forever?

Aftermarket Shafts vs. Stock Shafts

What does "Aftermarket" mean? Tapping into the word that you hear so much about and what it means for your golf equipment.

VA Shafts Raijin 2.0 // A golf shaft that works with EVERY club in your bag?!

In this episode of #QuickHits, we're showing off the versatile power of VA Shafts' Raijin 2.0 model. With wood and iron models, this shaft can literally fit into your entire bag.

The Tour Experience Podcast – Episode 9: New Beginnings

In the latest instalment of "The Tour Experience," Ian and Mikey delve into a comprehensive Ryder Cup recap, share their off-season goals, provide updates on what's in their bags, spotlight new golf equipment, and tease upcoming golfing trips. As the golf season transitions, the duo offers a blend of reflections, updates, and exciting previews.

Speed Journey // Ian & Mikey Embark on a Winter Journey to Increase Speed

Ian & Mikey start a new series today where they begin the process of speed training.

Driver Fitting with Mac Boucher

Today, Mac Boucher stops by to catch up with Ian and do a driver check on his current gamer. Turns out he may need a new Driver head all together!

The Blind Shaft Test: Hard vs. Soft Stepping

Today, Mikey takes Ian through a blind test to see if hard stepping and soft stepping is truly a way of altering your ball flight characteristics. Do any combos increase or decrease height, spin and general performance?

TITLEIST T-SERIES FITTING // Ian gets fit for the new series

Follow along as Ian gets fit for the NEW TSeries at Titleist. Get Ian's initial thoughts on the look, feel, and performance of the iron line.

WATCH: Behind the Scenes Tour of Fujikura Composites America

Check out our exclusive tour of the Fujikura facilities with Fuji's Spencer Reynolds

Maximum Performance and Potential: SST PUREing with Ian Fraser

Learn about the benefits of a PUREd shaft from the experts in this Club Champion feature

SHAFT FLEXES: How do they affect your shot?

With a little help from our friends at Accra, we demonstrate how we match a golfer to the right shaft flex.

All About SST PURE

Club Champion's Unofficial Guide to the SST PURE process and how it can help you play better, more consistent golf.

Oncore Vero X2 Ball Review // As good as the ProV1?

Today, Ian tests out the OnCore VERO X2 ball. Marketed as providing low driver spin and wind-penetrating trajectory for greater distance and pinpoint accuracy on tee shots.

Should Ian Switch to Axiom Shafts? // Is It Time For a Big Shaft Change?

Today Ian is in the bay testing out the Fujikura Axiom shafts against his Trust Modus 120's

Mizuno T24 Wedge Review

Today Ian is back in the bay to test out the new Mizuno T24 Wedges that have recently hit the scene. See how they feel in Ian's hands and what his true thoughts on the offerings are.


Ian fits Case for a new driver. Case added a lot of clubhead speed and spin with his driver and is looking for a new option that gives him more distance and the control/shot shape that he needs to play collegiate golf.

9 Wood vs. 5 Iron (LPGA Speed)

Is it better to carry a 9 wood or a 5 hybrid in your bag? Today Ian tests out the utility and advantages of both and which you may want to choose as one of your 14 clubs.

VIDEO: Touring the Project X Golf HQ and Building Shafts!

How quick can a shaft go from an idea to being able to be hit on the first tee? Take a peek behind-the-scenes with us as we tour Project X

PROJECT X Steel Iron Shaft Lineup Testing with True Temper's Keenan Phillips

We’re putting the feel of iron shafts to the test in our latest behind-the-scenes look at the fitting bay.

TXG’s Ian Fraser visits our bay to help test the new BGT ZNE wedge shaft!

What Shaft Profile is best for you?
Shafts are the first thing our Master Fitters will fit you for during one of our fittings.  In this #InTheBay episode, we take a look at different shaft profiles.

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