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Articles tagged with: Fitting Experience

EPON AF-Tour CB2 Review // We're giving away these irons!

Today we have a very special episode, Mikey is in the bay to test out the new EPON AF-TOUR CB2 irons.

Putter Fitting with Paige Spiranac // Can Anything Beat Her Prototype?

Today we are back with Paige Spiranac while she searches for her perfect putter

2023's Most Forgiving Drivers // Who will take the title?

Today, Ian is in the bay with a mammoth driver test, testing out 7 of the most forgiving drivers currently available to golfers.

2023's Ball Speed King // Who will take the title?

Today we have another edition of our best of series with Ian and Mike seeing which driver can give that extra ball speed we all hope for.

New Titleist T-150 vs Miura MC-501 // Mikey's new irons? // Bonus T-200 Long Irons Review

Today, Mikey puts his old faithful Miura MC-501 irons in a head to head test against his new Titleist T-150 irons.

The Blind Shaft Test: Hard vs. Soft Stepping

Today, Mikey takes Ian through a blind test to see if hard stepping and soft stepping is truly a way of altering your ball flight characteristics. Do any combos increase or decrease height, spin and general performance?

TITLEIST T-SERIES FITTING // Ian gets fit for the new series

Follow along as Ian gets fit for the NEW TSeries at Titleist. Get Ian's initial thoughts on the look, feel, and performance of the iron line.

Who should be fitted for golf clubs?

Spoiler alert: The answer is you

Keenan Phillips breaks down Aerotech's SteelFiber Private Reserve Shafts

Find out how these graphite iron shafts can help boost your iron shot consistency.

Low Speed Single-Digit Handicap Fitting // Wedges

Check out the wedge segment of a Club Champion full bag fitting

What can a Club Champion putter fitting do for the average weekend warrior?

We head to the bay to find out what separates Titleist’s new TSr4 driver from the TSi4 model in this fitting test.

Can Mitsubishi’s Metal Mesh Technology help the consistency and feel of your short game?

Why does Club Champion fit indoors?

Rain, sleet, snow or hail, an indoor fitting cannot fail. Discover why our indoor fittings make us the best at what we do.

Equipment malfunction? We’ve got you covered. Club Champion can provide you with more than a fitting, we can service all your club needs!

What in Sam Hill is the SAM Puttlab? Here's an in-depth look at the advanced technology that will assist you in sinking more putts.

What Shaft Profile is best for you?
Shafts are the first thing our Master Fitters will fit you for during one of our fittings.  In this #InTheBay episode, we take a look at different shaft profiles.

Custom club fitter offers free putter fittings to encourage a fitted flat stick

Putter Fitting with Trottie // Trottie Golf Mini Series Episode 1

The first episode of our mini-series with Trottie Golf. Check out this putter fitting for some great insights, tips, and laughs with Trottie.

Johnny Wunder Driver Fitting // Getting Johnny Dialed In

In preparation for the Player's Cup tournament, Ian welcomes teammate Johnny Wunder into the bay to get his driver properly fit before the competition. Watch along to see where he ends up!

Blind Ball Test // The importance of spin on tour

Today, Ian welcomes Johnny Wunder to the bay to do a blind ball test examine the spin characteristics of the ball types.

Graphite Design Line Review // Getting in depth with the entire Tour AD Line

Today Ian is in the bay to test out multiple Graphite Design Tour AD wood shafts. Come see how each one reacts to Ian's swing based on their flex properties and what the end results will be!

New TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 (MG4) Wedge Review

Today, Ian and Mikey take a look at the new TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 (MG4) Wedge with All-New Spin Tread Technology for Enhanced Spin in Wet Conditions.


Ian fits Case for a new driver. Case added a lot of clubhead speed and spin with his driver and is looking for a new option that gives him more distance and the control/shot shape that he needs to play collegiate golf.

9 Wood vs. 5 Iron (LPGA Speed)

Is it better to carry a 9 wood or a 5 hybrid in your bag? Today Ian tests out the utility and advantages of both and which you may want to choose as one of your 14 clubs.

There’s a misconception that a club fitting needs to happen annually since that’s how often new equipment options hit the market. But if not yearly — how often?

Maximum Performance and Potential: SST PUREing with Ian Fraser

Learn about the benefits of a PUREd shaft from the experts in this Club Champion feature

What should I use for my 14th club? // Single-Digit Handicap Hybrid/Wood Fitting

Our customer Mya returns to the bay today to test out some hybrids and woods to complete her full bag fitting!

Nick and Kyle return to the putt putt course to pit Evnroll’s ER Zero and ER11vx putters against each other in an ultimate showdown.

Her previous fitting series got her on the green — now it’s time to sink some putts!

The man behind the camera steps in front of it to show us #WITB!

What does it mean to fit your existing set? You don’t always need the latest and greatest gear to have a perfect fit at Club Champion.

The third installment of our iron fitting series with "Amateur Hour" Ashley. This time around, we're matching her to a perfect set of iron heads.

Aftermarket Shafts vs. Stock Shafts

What does "Aftermarket" mean? Tapping into the word that you hear so much about and what it means for your golf equipment.

Misconceptions about a fitting at Club Champion

Myths and misconceptions about every corner of the golf industry continue to crop up and propagate, including those about Club Champion and the club fitting process.

Paige Spiranac's WITB & Why? // In-Depth Look at Every Club in Paige’s Bag

Ian and Paige do a top to bottom look at all 14 clubs that made it into Paige's 2023 bag setup before getting into the bay to demonstrate why she chose the clubs she has.

Johnny Wunder Putter Fitting // Which Putter Should You Choose?

Today we are back with Johnny Wunder while he searches for his perfect putter. Utilizing the Quintic putter fitting system, Ian and Johnny test out alternative putters to his current gamer.

Victory Force Shaft Review // Testing the new Graphite Design shafts

Today Ian and Mike are testing the new Graphite Design Tour AD Victory Force shafts.

Follower Fittings: A Longer Driver // Ian fits a channel follower

Today, we have the fist episode of our new series where Ian and Mike fit one of the channel's followers. 

Club Champion Glasgow with Joe Hughes

Today Ian is back home and visits the Club Champion in Glasgow Scotland.


Coming in as the most expensive 3 Wood on the market. Today Ian checks out PING's G430 LST which is designed to be high-launch, low-spin and long-distance bomber fairway wood.

Is Fujikura's VISTA PRO shaft really the most versatile in the industry?

That Range Life's Kris McEwen helps us break down Fuji's wide-range shaft option that could help your golf game

Comparison - Tour Weight Graphite Iron Shafts

Ian and Mikey compare the performance of tour weight graphite iron shafts. Ian tests the Axiom 125 against the Accra TZi 115, LA Golf 120x, Steelfiber 125cw, and MMT 125 TX. Watch to see our analysis and results.

PROJECT X Steel Iron Shaft Lineup Testing with True Temper's Keenan Phillips

We’re putting the feel of iron shafts to the test in our latest behind-the-scenes look at the fitting bay.

TXG’s Ian Fraser is back in the bay to help us show how much of an advantage fitted clubs have over stock clubs.

Queen of the Green

Huge weeks in golf and pop culture collide on this week's show! Nick and Cassie go over everything from Shane Lowry's win and John Daly's first pitch, to Harry Styles' "Spitgate" and the passing of the queen of England.

How much do factors like toe hang and neck style actually matter on the green? We put the Evnroll V-Series to the test with SAM Puttlab technology to find the answer

We cap off Amateur Hour Ashley’s iron fitting with her grip selection and final combo overview!

An official Club Champion checklist of Tips, Tricks and Heads Ups for those that haven’t been fit before

Edel's new SMS (Swing Matching System) Irons are put on full display during this Club Champion fitting test

All About SST PURE

Club Champion's Unofficial Guide to the SST PURE process and how it can help you play better, more consistent golf.

Interview with Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez visited Club Champion in the hopes that we could help her with her game.


LA Golf's Bel-Air VS. Scotty Cameron Plus // In-Depth look into carbon putters

Today we have Ian and Mikey testing the Bel-Air putter vs. a classic Scotty Cameron design.

Choosing the Right Putter Grip Size // What Putter Grip Should You Use?

Today, Ian and Mikey are doing an in depth test with 3 different putter grip sizes.

Blade Vs. Mallet // Which One Should You Use? // Newport Vs. Jailbird

With technology improving daily, one of the most curious questions is wether to buy a blade or a mallet putters. Today Ian and Mike compare two and dive deep into the benefits of each.

All New TaylorMade P·790 Review

Today, TaylorMade announces the all-new P·790, with each iron individually designed to perform exactly how they believe golfers need it.

Taylormade Stealth 2+ vs Titleist TSr4 // Ian Driver Testing

Ian tests the Titleist TSr4 against his Taylormade Stealth 2+ gamer. See how they compare and if Ian decides to make the switch over.


Today we have a product review of the 2024 Apex UW and Apex UT + bonus fitting with Johnny Wunder.

Fujikura Ventus TR Testing with That Range Life's Kris McEwen

What can Fujikura’s Ventus TR shafts do with your swing?

2024 World Exclusive Callaway Apex Pro Line Review

Today we have Johnny Wunder in the studio to go through the brand new 2024 Apex Pro Line of irons which are the Apex Pro, Apex CB and Apex MB.

Choice Words: Full Toe Wedges

With our friends at Callaway, we define full toe wedges and how they can help your approach

Take a look Ping’s 2023 putter line and how the latest innovations to all-time classics will help newbies and vets on the greens.

This fanged putter has a mythical look and monstrous performance!

LAB Golf's Sam Hahn and Mickey D's Coke

This week's show kicks off Putter Fitting Month with a bang! Hear LAB Golf's CEO, Sam Hahn, chat with Nick and Cassie about the most unique putter head designs in the industry

TXG’s Ian Fraser visits our bay to help test the new BGT ZNE wedge shaft!

Golf Health at Club Champion

How Club Champion can offer you a healthier lifestyle on top of a better fitting set and lower scores on the course


Globe’s Leading Club Fitter Revamps Brand Presentation

Club Champion University: The Master Club Fitter Education Program

How our Master Fitters remain the best of the best across the entire golf industry

Get a look inside a Club Champion driver fitting

We get asked quite often about being fit for a driver. How much can it help a golfer? Are gains real?