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Blades vs Forgiveness // Can Oversize Irons Hurt Your Game More Than They Will Help?) https://yo

Today Ian is in the bay to demonstrate why it is so important when getting fit to make sure you are testing the right clubs for your unique golf swing.

PING i530 Irons Review // Did Ping Make the Perfect Iron?

Today, Ian is in the bay to get his hands on the new i530 irons from Ping. Combining cavity back technology with a more traditional club shape, these irons are both hot off the face and forgiving. See how Ian fares in our testing right now!

BREAKING PAR CONSISTENTLY // On Course Vlog // How low can Ian go?

Today, Ian continues his series of chasing red numbers.


Today Ian is in the bay to test out his options for a new fairway finder.

Mizuno Pro Past & Present // Comparing the Mizuno Pro 22’ and 24’ Series Irons

Strap in, because this one is a biggie! Ian is in the bay to compare the Mizuno pro 221, 223, 225 against the 241, 243 and 245 editions. See what the guys think of the new styling and playability of Mizuno's premier irons.

Ian’s 2024 WITB // What’s in the Bag For the Start of The Golf Season

Today Ian is in the bay to go through his bag for the start of the golf season! Come see what Ian is trusting to get his game in tip top shape this year!

The BRNR Mini Driver // Taylormade’s New Burner Driver Goes Back to the Future

Today, Ian and Mikey are reviewing a replacement driver. But is just a remake of a classic old driver?

Ian's 2024 Driver Fitting // Will the TSR3 Be Unsurped?

Today Ian is in the bay for his 2024 driver fitting at the hands our very own Mike. See if any of this year's hottest drivers have what it takes to dethrone Ian's beloved TSR3.

Ian’s Callaway Driver Fitting // Which Callaway Driver is Best for Ian?

Today Ian, Mikey and Johnny Wunder are in the bay to try and find Ian's 2024 gamer. Johnny has brought along Tour only heads as well as consumer products to continue the search for Ian's 2024 driver.

BLADES VS CAVITY BACKS // Paige Spiranac Tries Titleist CNCPT CP-04 Irons

Today Ian is back in New York with special guest Paige Spiranac, going through a test ranging from the experimental Titleist CNCPT CP-04 Irons through Titleist 620 MBs to see how the different club head makeups affect her delivery in the bay.

DRIVER BRACKET // Semifinals: Darkspeed LS vs ZX5 LS

The last slot for the finals is up for grabs in today's semifinal match up. The Cobra Darkspeed LS takes on the Srixon ZX5 LS head to head. Who will go up against the Black Ops Tour in the finals? Stay tuned to find out!

Should You Fit Irons By Handicap? - Golf Myths Unplugged

A stock build, or a club that’s off-the-shelf from an assembly line, is intended to work for the largest number of golfers.

TaylorMade Qi10 Tour Fairway Review // Better than Stealth?

Today, Ian and Mikey review the new TaylorMade Qi10 Tour fairway wood.

Follower Fittings // 10 Handicap Iron Fit

Today in Calgary we have in the bay Matt. A 10 handicap golfer who is looking to shave some strokes off his game by better control of his irons.

Ai Smoke & Qi Irons Review // Testing 2024’s Game Improvement Irons from Callaway & Taylormade

Today Mike is in the bay to test the latest game improvement irons from Taylormade and Callaway. See what he initially thinks looks-wise of the new offerings and if he'd consider playing either set!

New Wilson Staff Model Blade & CB Irons Review // Best Combo Iron of 2024?

Today, Ian is in the bay testing the new Wilson Staff Model Blade and CB Irons. With ball speed and carry distance almost being equal is this iron the best combo iron of 2024?

Wilson Dynapower Forged Irons \\ Game Changers?

Today Mike is in the bay to hit the brand new Wilson Dynapower Forged irons. Constructed from forged 8620 carbon steel, these players distance irons are AI-enhanced for better-player performance and a soft, responsive feel.

Tiger Woods’ New Driver Shaft // Does Ian Prefer the Stiff Flex Graphite Design Tour AD-VF???

Tiger Woods made his return at the 2023 Hero World Challenge last week. During his first time back in competition it was seen that he was playing the new TaylorMade Qi10 LS driver powered by a new Graphite Design Tour AD-VF 6X red and black shaft.

Chasing Red & Breaking Par Consistently // On Course Vlog // How low can Ian go?

Today, Ian is on episode 2 of a new series where he tries to bring his scoring averages down by focusing methodically on breaking par.

Sacks Parente Putter Review // 39 Gram Lightweight Putter Shaft!

Today, Ian and Mikey are diving into the Sacks Parente offerings.

Maximize Your Drive // A Conversation with Long Drive Legend Jason Zuback

Today we are thrilled to have the legendary Jason Zuback with us in studio. A 5 time World Long Drive Championship winner, Jason gets into deep conversation with Ian about drivers and the effects so many little details in your swing and setup have on your distance and control before demonstrating with a few absolute bombs in the bay.

2024 Ventus Blue // First Swings with Fujikura’s New Beauty

Today we are live from the Fujikura Ventus Blue release event last week at the PGA Show in Orlando. Mikey is on the range to try out the new tech and see how he likes the updates to his current driver shaft.

Should You Fit Irons By Handicap? - Golf Myths Unplugged

Can a club fitting fix a slice? Learn how being fit for the right equipment can correct for a slice by 12-20+ yards.

TOP 3 MUST TRY DRIVERS OF 2023 // Looking for the best golf drivers of 2023?

Looking for the best golf drivers? There are lots of drivers that will claim to be number 1 this year.

PXG 0317 T Review // Testing Out PXG’s New Irons

Today Ian is in the bay to test out the new PXG 0317 T irons! Watch along to see how they stack up against his old gamers, the 0317 CB's!

Caley Golf 01 & 01T Irons Review // The Best Direct to Consumer Irons Available

Today, Ian and Mikey test out Caley Golf's O1 and O1T direct to consumer golf irons.

Should Ian Switch to Axiom Shafts? // Is It Time For a Big Shaft Change?

Today Ian is in the bay testing out the Fujikura Axiom shafts against his Trust Modus 120's

Mizuno T24 Wedge Review

Today Ian is back in the bay to test out the new Mizuno T24 Wedges that have recently hit the scene. See how they feel in Ian's hands and what his true thoughts on the offerings are.

Putter Fitting with Paige Spiranac // Can Anything Beat Her Prototype?

Today we are back with Paige Spiranac while she searches for her perfect putter

$69 LA Golf’s Beverly Golf Ball vs. Titleist ProV1X // Golf Ball Test

Today, Ian and Mikey test the new Beverly Golf Ball. A four-piece premium ball that's coming in at $69 USD.

New Mizuno ST-G Fairway Wood Review // A New Bomber Fairway Wood

Today the boys test out the all new Mizuno ST-G Fairway Wood.

Blind Ball Test // The importance of spin on tour

Today, Ian welcomes Johnny Wunder to the bay to do a blind ball test examine the spin characteristics of the ball types.

Graphite Design Line Review // Getting in depth with the entire Tour AD Line

Today Ian is in the bay to test out multiple Graphite Design Tour AD wood shafts. Come see how each one reacts to Ian's swing based on their flex properties and what the end results will be!

New TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 (MG4) Wedge Review

Today, Ian and Mikey take a look at the new TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 (MG4) Wedge with All-New Spin Tread Technology for Enhanced Spin in Wet Conditions.


Ian fits Case for a new driver. Case added a lot of clubhead speed and spin with his driver and is looking for a new option that gives him more distance and the control/shot shape that he needs to play collegiate golf.

9 Wood vs. 5 Iron (LPGA Speed)

Is it better to carry a 9 wood or a 5 hybrid in your bag? Today Ian tests out the utility and advantages of both and which you may want to choose as one of your 14 clubs.

There’s a misconception that a club fitting needs to happen annually since that’s how often new equipment options hit the market. But if not yearly — how often?

Maximum Performance and Potential: SST PUREing with Ian Fraser

Learn about the benefits of a PUREd shaft from the experts in this Club Champion feature

What should I use for my 14th club? // Single-Digit Handicap Hybrid/Wood Fitting

Our customer Mya returns to the bay today to test out some hybrids and woods to complete her full bag fitting!

Nick and Kyle return to the putt putt course to pit Evnroll’s ER Zero and ER11vx putters against each other in an ultimate showdown.

Her previous fitting series got her on the green — now it’s time to sink some putts!

The man behind the camera steps in front of it to show us #WITB!

What does it mean to fit your existing set? You don’t always need the latest and greatest gear to have a perfect fit at Club Champion.

The third installment of our iron fitting series with "Amateur Hour" Ashley. This time around, we're matching her to a perfect set of iron heads.

Aftermarket Shafts vs. Stock Shafts

What does "Aftermarket" mean? Tapping into the word that you hear so much about and what it means for your golf equipment.

Misconceptions about a fitting at Club Champion

Myths and misconceptions about every corner of the golf industry continue to crop up and propagate, including those about Club Champion and the club fitting process.

Gain 5+ MPH Club Head Speed Today // 3 Simple Driver Tips to Drive it Longer Today!

Today, Ian is in the bay to show you his key takeaways on how to get faster club head speed.

JP Camber Wedges // The Best Wedges You’ve Never Heard Of

Today Ian and Mike are in the bay to each test out offerings from JP Golf's JP Camber Wedges line. These one piece, forged milled wedges are gorgeous in person and as the boys learned quite quickly they play incredibly as well.

P-UDI & P-DHY // Testing Out TaylorMade's New Driving Irons

Today Ian is in the bay to get hid hands on the new TaylorMade driving irons. 

PING s159 WEDGES REVIEW // Is Ping Changing The Wedge Game?

Today Mike is in the bay to test the Ping s159 line of wedges.

Old VS New // TaylorMade SLDR vs M5 vs Qi10LS

Fuel up your DeLoreans because we're going back to the future! In our new series OLD vs NEW we examine offerings from 10 years ago, 5 years ago and today with this episode's focus being on TaylorMade's drivers.

Follower Fittings // How to Get Everything Out of Your Current Clubs

Today, longtime Club Champion client Chris is in the bay for a refresh on his irons. Ian shows how to update your irons to get the most out of your set and that a fitting session doesn't always mean getting all new equipment.

The New King of Driver Shafts? / Aretera Alpha One Blue & Grey Review

Today Ian is in the bay for a special video featuring the new Aretera Alpha One driver shafts.

2024 Titleist AVX Ball Review // Does AVX Stand Up to the Pro V's?

Today Ian is back in the bay to review the 2024 Titleist AVX golf ball. Putting it up against the two mainstays of dependable golf balls in the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x.

Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron Phantom Putters // Ian’s first look at the 2024 Phantom Line

Today, Ian is is at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside California and joined by Austie Rollinson to get introduces to the 2024 lineup of Scotty Cameron Phantom mallets.

100MPH DRIVER BRACKET! // Callaway AI Smoke Triple Diamond vs PXG Black Ops 0311 Tour

The driver bracket is back! Only this time it's the 100MPH swing speed version! In episode one, Ian is joined by Scott in the bay putting the Callaway AI Smoke Triple Diamond up against the PXG Black Ops 0311 Tour

PROPER CLUB FITTING vs POOR CLUB FITTING // The Club Champion Difference

Today Zac is in the bay with "fitted" T300 irons he received a couple years ago. Fairly quickly, Ian can see these clubs aren't helping Zac reach his potential and makes some changes to get Zac into a truly proper set.

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Review // The Stealth Killer?

Today, Ian is in the bay to test out the brand new and much buzzed about Qi10 driver.

Cobra DARKSPEED Drivers Review // Faster than Aerojet?

Today, Ian and Mikey are testing out the new Cobra drivers.

Mezz. 1 Max Broomstick Review // Testing L.A.B. Golf’s New Sensation

Today Sam Hahn joins the boys once again to talk Mike through the process of using a broomstick putter for additional stability and improved ball rolling. Will Mike be converted? (Yes, yes he will)

Paradym Ai Smoke Driver Review // Callaway’s Best Driver

Happy New Year! Today Ian is in the bay to test out the brand new Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Driver family. Come see what all the fuss is about as Ian tries out the Max, Max D and Triple Diamond varieties and gets into the details of what makes this year's drivers different from the original Paradym series.

L.A.B. Putters // Testing the DF3 and Link. 1

We are thrilled to welcome Sam Hahn from L.A.B. Golf into the studio today to give us a rundown of the L.A.B. line and some insight into the broomstick madness we are seeing out on the course.

Loft & Lie Session with Paige Spiranac // Getting Paige Dialed

Today Ian is at our Manhattan location with a very special guest, Paige Spiranac. Paige loves her current ZX5 irons, but has been seeing some issues with gapping when she plays. Ian puts the clubs through several adjustments to get the loft and lies just right.

USGA Rollback // We Will Gain You More Than They are Taking with Driver Optimization

Today, Ian and Mikey showcase driver optimization. In order to get the max out of your driver it is important to fundamentally address the three S’s. -Strike Point -Spin Loft -Speed

Trottie Talks Iron Combos // A Fitting Tutorial

Trottie Golf is back with another incredible video! Today, Trottie talks about why you might combine irons from different sets and what to look for if you plan on making the switch.

Best of High Launch Fairway Woods // Who is the King of the 3W?

Today we have our final Best Of category of the year! Mikey is in the bay to test out the best mid-high launch fairway woods we have used this year. See who reigns supreme between the Ping g430 Max, Callaway Paradym, Taylormade Stealth 2, Srixon ZX MKII, Mizuno ST-Z and the Titleist TSR2!

The Best PXG Driver Ever!!! // PXG 0311 Black Ops Tour-1 Driver Review

Today, Ian is testing out the PXG 0311 Black Ops Tour-1. Comparing to his current gamer, the results are shocking!

2024 What’s in the Bag // Ian’s Initial Top of the Bag Selections

Its that time of year again! Ian is in the bay to show Mikey what he is leaning towards for his top of bag clubs this season.

A Game Changing Club for Your Bag // Mikey's Got a 7 Wood, Should You Get One Too?

Today, Mikey is testing out a newly built 7 wood to compare to his current T200 4 iron.

SLEEPER DRIVER OF THE YEAR? // Srixon ZX5 LS Mk II Driver Review

Today, Ian and Mikey test out the Srixon ZX5 LS Mk II.

The Tour Experience Podcast – Episode 9: New Beginnings

In the latest instalment of "The Tour Experience," Ian and Mikey delve into a comprehensive Ryder Cup recap, share their off-season goals, provide updates on what's in their bags, spotlight new golf equipment, and tease upcoming golfing trips. As the golf season transitions, the duo offers a blend of reflections, updates, and exciting previews.

Speed Journey // Ian & Mikey Embark on a Winter Journey to Increase Speed

Ian & Mikey start a new series today where they begin the process of speed training.

Fix Your Wedge Game for $100

Today, Ian and Mac look into the importance of having the correct lie angle on your wedges. A wedge fitting is vitally important when it comes to consistent ball-striking and accuracy.

Putter Fitting with Trottie // Trottie Golf Mini Series Episode 1

The first episode of our mini-series with Trottie Golf. Check out this putter fitting for some great insights, tips, and laughs with Trottie.

Johnny Wunder Putter Fitting // Which Putter Should You Choose?

Today we are back with Johnny Wunder while he searches for his perfect putter. Utilizing the Quintic putter fitting system, Ian and Johnny test out alternative putters to his current gamer.

New Mizuno ST-G Driver Review // Adjustability from a Low Spin Bomber to a Fade or Draw Bias Gamer

Today, Ian and Mikey test out the new Mizuno ST-G Driver. A 440cc powerhouse featuring a newly optimized Fast Track design.

EPON AF-Tour CB2 Review // We're giving away these irons!

Today we have a very special episode, Mikey is in the bay to test out the new EPON AF-TOUR CB2 irons.

Victory Force Shaft Review // Testing the new Graphite Design shafts

Today Ian and Mike are testing the new Graphite Design Tour AD Victory Force shafts.

Follower Fittings: A Longer Driver // Ian fits a channel follower

Today, we have the fist episode of our new series where Ian and Mike fit one of the channel's followers. 

Club Champion Glasgow with Joe Hughes

Today Ian is back home and visits the Club Champion in Glasgow Scotland.


Coming in as the most expensive 3 Wood on the market. Today Ian checks out PING's G430 LST which is designed to be high-launch, low-spin and long-distance bomber fairway wood.

Is Fujikura's VISTA PRO shaft really the most versatile in the industry?

That Range Life's Kris McEwen helps us break down Fuji's wide-range shaft option that could help your golf game

Comparison - Tour Weight Graphite Iron Shafts

Ian and Mikey compare the performance of tour weight graphite iron shafts. Ian tests the Axiom 125 against the Accra TZi 115, LA Golf 120x, Steelfiber 125cw, and MMT 125 TX. Watch to see our analysis and results.

PROJECT X Steel Iron Shaft Lineup Testing with True Temper's Keenan Phillips

We’re putting the feel of iron shafts to the test in our latest behind-the-scenes look at the fitting bay.

TXG’s Ian Fraser is back in the bay to help us show how much of an advantage fitted clubs have over stock clubs.

Queen of the Green

Huge weeks in golf and pop culture collide on this week's show! Nick and Cassie go over everything from Shane Lowry's win and John Daly's first pitch, to Harry Styles' "Spitgate" and the passing of the queen of England.

How much do factors like toe hang and neck style actually matter on the green? We put the Evnroll V-Series to the test with SAM Puttlab technology to find the answer

We cap off Amateur Hour Ashley’s iron fitting with her grip selection and final combo overview!

An official Club Champion checklist of Tips, Tricks and Heads Ups for those that haven’t been fit before

Edel's new SMS (Swing Matching System) Irons are put on full display during this Club Champion fitting test

All About SST PURE

Club Champion's Unofficial Guide to the SST PURE process and how it can help you play better, more consistent golf.

Interview with Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez visited Club Champion in the hopes that we could help her with her game.


Club Fitting Roulette // We Beat it or You Win $2,000!

Today, Ian and Mike have the second episode of their new series where they challenge a viewer to come in for a fitting. If you they can't fit you into better than your current clubs you win $2000!

Golf Pride Reverse Taper Grip Review

Today, we have both Ian and Mikey in the Quintic system to compare conventional-style putter grips with the new Golf Pride Reverse Taper grips.

2024's BEST CAVITY BACK IRON? // PING's G730 Iron Review

Today, Ian is in the bay testing out the new PING G730 Irons.

Follower Fittings // Driver Fitting to Minimize Slice

Today we have Peter in the bay. A slower swing speed slicer of the golf ball who is hoping to shave some strokes off his game by hitting the driver longer and straighter.

Accra GX Series Shaft Review // Best New Shaft of 2024?

Today, Ian and Mikey are reviewing the new ACCRA GX shafts. With 3 distinct shaft profiles in the line and ACCRA's proprietary, Constant Flex Technology, DyMatch Technology, and Optimized S3 EI profiling.

2024’s Most Forgiving Metalwoods? // Reviewing the Mizuno ST MAX Family

Today, Mikey is testing out the new Mizuno ST MAX driver, fairway wood and hybrid. These ultra-stable members of the ST-230 series could very well put Mizuno firmly back in the metalwood conversation for 2024.

Streamsong Matchplay // Ian and Mike Compete at Streamsong Resort Red

Today Ian and Mike are in beautiful Bowling Green Florida for a match against each other on Streamsong's Red course. Tune in to see who comes out on top!

Bettinardi CB24 Irons // Testing the Brand New Irons

Today Mike is in the bay to test the just unveiled Bettinardi CB24 Irons. After years of research, the putter giants have released their first iron sets.

100MPH Swing Speed Driver Bracket! // TaylorMade Qi10 LS vs Cobra Darkspeed LS

The driver bracket is back! Only this time it's the 100MPH swing speed version! In episode two, Ian is joined by Scott in the bay putting the TaylorMade Qi10 LS up against the Cobra Darkspeed LS.

Should You Fit Irons By Handicap? - Golf Myths Unplugged

Can a club fitting fix a Hook? Your problem may not be your swing. Learn how properly fitted equipment can help you to reduce or eliminate your hook miss.

EDEL ARRAY PUTTERS // The Ultimate Putter Fitting System?

Today we are doing a run through of the Edel Array putting system. With 4 head shapes, 4 hosel shapes, multiple weights and alignment aides that can all be customized, the Array provides players with lots of customization to truly dial in their putting game.

PING G430 Max 10K Driver Review // Most forgiving driver ever?

Today, Ian is in the bay to test out what some are saying is the most forgiving driver ever.

Mizuno Pro 24 Series Irons // The best irons of 2024?!

Today, Ian and Mikey are in the bay testing on the new Mizuno Pro 24 series and are quickly shocked by the impressive results!

Paige Spiranac Gains 20+ Yards!!! // Paige Spiranac 2024 Driver

Today Ian is at our Manhattan location with a very special guest, Paige Spiranac. Paige loves her current Titleist TSR3 driver, but has been seeing some issues distance. Quickly Autoflex becomes the answer to all the problems!

Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Woods Review // Is this the future

Welcome back, after last night's reveal of the Ai Smoke Drivers, we now have access to the new Fairway woods from the same family. Ian is in the bay to test out how these new woods feel and perform, so check it out and see if you are due for an upgrade!

Driver Bracket // Ai Smoke Max vs Mizuno STZ

Round one of the 2024 driver bracket continues! This week Ian is in the bay putting the 2 seed Callaway Ai Smoke up against 7 seed Mizuno STZ. Could we see another upset like last week???

The Return of Tiger // The Tour Experience Podcast // Episode 12

In the latest instalment of "The Tour Experience," Ian and Mikey get excited for the return of Tiger Woods, give their thoughts on the new drivers coming to market, discuss the possibility of Jon Rahm joining LIV, react to the Top 100 Most Influential People in Golf, recommend their best Christmas gifts for anyone, and answer Instagram fan questions.

Swing Speed Protocols // Improving Your Speed with SuperSpeed Golf

Today we have a special video from Ian's recent trip to Utah for a series of sessions with Dr. Tyler Standifird and Michael Napoleon on the powers of SuperSpeed Golf protocols and how they can help your game just like they have Padraig Harrington.

Best Wedges of 2023!

The 2023 best of series is coming to a conclusion! Today Ian and Mikey test out the best 56 degree wedges, including Mizuno T24, Vokey SM9, Cleveland RTX 6, Callaway Jaws Raw and TaylorMade MG4!

Swing Speed Protocols Episode 2 // Improving Your Speed with SuperSpeed Golf

Today we have our second episode from Ian's recent trip to Utah for a series of sessions with Dr. Tyler Standifird and Michael Napoleon on the powers of SuperSpeed Golf protocols and how they can help your game just like they have Padraig Harrington.

SM10 Vokey Wedge Fitting // Ian’s 2024 Wedge Fit with Aaron Dill

Today, Ian is at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside California getting dialled in for his 2024 gamer wedges

New Breed of Golf // Talking Club Fitting with Michael Breed

While at the PGA Show last week, Ian was a guest on Michael Breed's popular Sirius XM show A New Breed of Golf. Here is the full interview for you all to see!

Best of Series: Best Players Distance Irons // The gap between player’s and game-improvement irons

The player’s distance irons category is for the clubs between the player’s and the game-improvement irons. These irons are known to provide workability, distance and forgiveness.

Golf Offseason Begins | The Tour Experience Podcast – Episode 10

In the latest instalment of "The Tour Experience," Ian and Mikey delve into the golf offseason, look back on the highlights from the World Long Drive Championship, react to the top-5 fastest golfers on Tour, share their excitement on the new Odyssey Ai-One putters, and give updates on the new Calgary store.

Oncore Vero X2 Ball Review // As good as the ProV1?

Today, Ian tests out the OnCore VERO X2 ball. Marketed as providing low driver spin and wind-penetrating trajectory for greater distance and pinpoint accuracy on tee shots.

Building the Ultimate Driver // 5 Steps Toward Driver Success

Today Ian and Mikey are in the studio hitting bombs and discussing 5 steps everyone should consider when working on their drive.

Tour Issue Equipment with Johnny Wunder

Today Ian is back in the bay to test out some new tour exclusive designs brought in by our good friend Johnny Wunder.

Paige Spiranac's WITB & Why? // In-Depth Look at Every Club in Paige’s Bag

Ian and Paige do a top to bottom look at all 14 clubs that made it into Paige's 2023 bag setup before getting into the bay to demonstrate why she chose the clubs she has.

Choosing the Right Putter Grip Size // What Putter Grip Should You Use?

Today, Ian and Mikey are doing an in depth test with 3 different putter grip sizes.

Best of Series: Irons for the Average Golfer // Which Irons Give the Best Performance?

Today Ian is in the bay for another edition of our best of series, this time featuring irons for the average golfer.

Johnny Wunder Driver Fitting // Getting Johnny Dialed In

In preparation for the Player's Cup tournament, Ian welcomes teammate Johnny Wunder into the bay to get his driver properly fit before the competition. Watch along to see where he ends up!

Blade Vs. Mallet // Which One Should You Use? // Newport Vs. Jailbird

With technology improving daily, one of the most curious questions is wether to buy a blade or a mallet putters. Today Ian and Mike compare two and dive deep into the benefits of each.

All New TaylorMade P·790 Review

Today, TaylorMade announces the all-new P·790, with each iron individually designed to perform exactly how they believe golfers need it.

Taylormade Stealth 2+ vs Titleist TSr4 // Ian Driver Testing

Ian tests the Titleist TSr4 against his Taylormade Stealth 2+ gamer. See how they compare and if Ian decides to make the switch over.


Today we have a product review of the 2024 Apex UW and Apex UT + bonus fitting with Johnny Wunder.

Fujikura Ventus TR Testing with That Range Life's Kris McEwen

What can Fujikura’s Ventus TR shafts do with your swing?

2024 World Exclusive Callaway Apex Pro Line Review

Today we have Johnny Wunder in the studio to go through the brand new 2024 Apex Pro Line of irons which are the Apex Pro, Apex CB and Apex MB.

Choice Words: Full Toe Wedges

With our friends at Callaway, we define full toe wedges and how they can help your approach

Take a look Ping’s 2023 putter line and how the latest innovations to all-time classics will help newbies and vets on the greens.

This fanged putter has a mythical look and monstrous performance!

LAB Golf's Sam Hahn and Mickey D's Coke

This week's show kicks off Putter Fitting Month with a bang! Hear LAB Golf's CEO, Sam Hahn, chat with Nick and Cassie about the most unique putter head designs in the industry

TXG’s Ian Fraser visits our bay to help test the new BGT ZNE wedge shaft!

Golf Health at Club Champion

How Club Champion can offer you a healthier lifestyle on top of a better fitting set and lower scores on the course


Globe’s Leading Club Fitter Revamps Brand Presentation

Club Champion University: The Master Club Fitter Education Program

How our Master Fitters remain the best of the best across the entire golf industry

Get a look inside a Club Champion driver fitting

We get asked quite often about being fit for a driver. How much can it help a golfer? Are gains real?

3D Printed Irons!!! // Reviewing Cobra Limit3D Irons, the World’s First 3D-Printed Steel Irons

Today, Ian is in the bay to review one of the biggest advancements in golf club technology. The COBRA LIMIT3D irons which are the world's first 3D-printed steel irons.

Shaft Weight vs Flex // What Is Most Important in Choosing a Shaft?

Today Ian is in the bay for a deep dive into driver shafts and what you as a player needs from your chosen shaft. Is flex more important? Is it Weight? A combo of both? Find out now!

THE TOP HIGH-MOI DRIVERS // Who is the 10K King?

Today, Mike is in the bay to test out some of the buzziest drivers of the season.

Is the 3 Wood Dead? // Getting the Right Gapping with 5 Wood, 3 Wood or Mini Driver

Today, Ian is in the bay to test out if a 3 Wood still has a place in the modern golf bag. For some it will always, but with technology changing quickly and only 14 clubs allowed.

The Science Behind Bryson’s Irons // Testing The Theory Behind Bryson’s New 3D Printed Irons

This one is for the golf nerds! Today Ian is in the bay to demonstrate and explain the physics behind the gear effect and how Bryson Dechambeau's 3D printed Irons from the Masters this year uses Bulge to take address it.

The Perfect Iron Shaft? // Accra iSteel Red Shaft Review

Today Ian is in the bay to test out rhe Accra i-Series RED iron shaft. Billed as combining the best assets from the Dynamic Golf X100 and Project X shafts, Ian compares all three to see how the new shafts affect his swing compared to the gold standards.

Trottie Talks Drivers // A Fitting Guide

Trottie is back to break down everything you need to know about driver fitting in 2024!

100MPH Swing Speed Driver Bracket // The Finals Ai Smoke Triple Diamond vs Qi10 LS

It all comes down to this, at the end of our 100MPH Swing Speed Bracket, we have the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond up against the TaylorMade Qi10 LS, who will take the crown?!

DRIVER BRACKET // FINALS: Darkspeed LS vs 0311 Black Ops Tour

Welcome to the Finals! Today Ian is in the bay putting the Cobra Darkspeed LS up against the PXG 0311 Black Ops Tour driver in the final match of the 2024 Bracket. Who will be named the bracket winner? Let's find out!

DRIVER BRACKET // Semifinals: Ai Smoke MAX vs 0311 Black Ops Tour

Welcome to the semifinals! Today Ian is in the bay putting the Callaway Ai Smoke MAX up against the PXG 0311 Black Ops Tour driver. Does the wildcard seeded Black Ops Tour have what it takes to make it to the finals?

FAIRWAY WOODS FOR PAIGE SPIRANAC // Properly Gapping Paige's Top of Bag

Today Paige Spiranac is back in the bay to do a fairway wood fit. Right off the bat Ian notes that her 5 wood and 7 wood are going almost the same distance, so he begins gapping the woods properly and fitting her into a correct set.

PING Blueprint S & T Irons Review // For the Average Golfer?

Today, Ian and Mikey test out the second-generation Blueprint irons.

Are you Leaving Yards on the Table? // Maximize Drives with Tee Height

Today, Ian is giving Mikey different demonstrations to show how tee height can effect swing path, angle of attack and strike. Changing driving distance by 40+ yards.

Driver Bracket // Cobra Darkspeed LS VS TaylorMade Qi10

Ian is back in the bay for the final 1st round episode of our driver bracket. Cobra Darkspeed LS takes on the Taylormade Qi10, see who advances to the semifinals!

LA Golf Gen2 Putters // Mallet vs Blade

Today Mikey is in the Quintec system to test out two of LA GOLF's new putter options, the Malibu and the Belair. See how his stroke reacts to the new technology in these putters and whether Mike is a mallet or blade kinda guy.

85 MPH Ball Fitting // Is Left Dash Pro V1X the Perfect Choice?

Today we have a special guest in the bay, Ronnie, on his 18th appearance on the channel is here to get fit for his preferred ball this season. See what Ian thinks will treat him best between the -Pro V1X, Chrome Tour X and the Pro V1X.

You Don’t Need a 5 Iron // Mikey’s Perfect 200 Yard Club

Today, Ian looks into Mikey’s long game gapping to try and optimize the 200 yard area of his bag.

Best of Series: Low Launch Low Spin Fairway Woods

The best of series has returned! 

Follower Fittings // 15 Handicap Driver Fit

Today in the bay is Zack, a 15 handicap golfer who is looking to shave some strokes off his game by better controlling his driver. With Ian and Mikey at the computers and some changes to his setup, 300 yard drives are now regularly attainable!

Qi10 Max Vs G430 Max 10K // Battle of 2024’s Most Forgiving Driver!

Today, Ian is in the bay battling out a head-to-head comparison to find which 10k driver is the longest and most forgiving for 2024. Will it be TaylorMade's Qi10 MAX or PING's G430 Max 10k?

Diamana Whiteboard Review // Diamana’s Best Shaft Yet?

Today Ian is in the bay to test out the brand new Diamana WB line of shafts. Made for the 20th anniversary of the Diamana shaft line, the WB features the same stiff feel as the original offering, with modernized technology and style. Se how Ian adapts to the line in his test session with the shafts.

2024 Ball Test // Chrome Tour vs PRO V1X vs TP5X

Today Mike is in the bay to test out the new Callaway Chrome Tour balls and how they stack up against other premium balls such as the 2024 Taylormade TP5X and the 2023 Titleist Pro V1x.

Slice and Anti Hook Driver Setups // Never Slice Again!

Today, Ian and Mikey are both in the bay to show how driver fittings for people who specifically struggle with hooks and slices can use technology to override a swing deficiency.

The Attomax Ball Review // Are They Worth $250 a Dozen?

Today we have a special video, Ian and Mike test the Attomax golf ball, whose slogan is "Pay for gain". Coming in at $250 USD a dozen, we see if the quality really is 4x that of a Pro V1X. The results may shock you!

Best of Series: Driving Irons // Which Driving Iron Gives the Best Performance?

Today Ian is in the bay for another edition of our best of series, this time featuring the best driving irons.

Follower Fittings: Irons // Fixing Scott's 6 and 7 Iron Gap

Today Scott is back in the bay to get a proper Iron fit from Ian and Mikey.

Driver Fitting with Mac Boucher

Today, Mac Boucher stops by to catch up with Ian and do a driver check on his current gamer. Turns out he may need a new Driver head all together!

LA Golf's Bel-Air VS. Scotty Cameron Plus // In-Depth look into carbon putters

Today we have Ian and Mikey testing the Bel-Air putter vs. a classic Scotty Cameron design.

Podcast Episode 8: Jim Furyk, Ryder Cup Preview

The Tour Experience Podcast is BACK, Ian and Mikey bring in special guest Jim Furyk! Today, Jim discusses planning this year's Ryder Cup, his journey on the PGA Tour and his upcoming event Furyk & Friends presented by Circle K.

How to Control Your Ball Flight Like a Tour Pro // Hitting Different Shapes and Trajectory Windows

Today, Ian and Mikey take you through the steps to control your ball flight.

2023's Most Forgiving Drivers // Who will take the title?

Today, Ian is in the bay with a mammoth driver test, testing out 7 of the most forgiving drivers currently available to golfers.

2023's Ball Speed King // Who will take the title?

Today we have another edition of our best of series with Ian and Mike seeing which driver can give that extra ball speed we all hope for.

New Titleist T-150 vs Miura MC-501 // Mikey's new irons? // Bonus T-200 Long Irons Review

Today, Mikey puts his old faithful Miura MC-501 irons in a head to head test against his new Titleist T-150 irons.

The Blind Shaft Test: Hard vs. Soft Stepping

Today, Mikey takes Ian through a blind test to see if hard stepping and soft stepping is truly a way of altering your ball flight characteristics. Do any combos increase or decrease height, spin and general performance?

TITLEIST T-SERIES FITTING // Ian gets fit for the new series

Follow along as Ian gets fit for the NEW TSeries at Titleist. Get Ian's initial thoughts on the look, feel, and performance of the iron line.

Who should be fitted for golf clubs?

Spoiler alert: The answer is you

Keenan Phillips breaks down Aerotech's SteelFiber Private Reserve Shafts

Find out how these graphite iron shafts can help boost your iron shot consistency.

Low Speed Single-Digit Handicap Fitting // Wedges

Check out the wedge segment of a Club Champion full bag fitting

What can a Club Champion putter fitting do for the average weekend warrior?

We head to the bay to find out what separates Titleist’s new TSr4 driver from the TSi4 model in this fitting test.

Can Mitsubishi’s Metal Mesh Technology help the consistency and feel of your short game?

Why does Club Champion fit indoors?

Rain, sleet, snow or hail, an indoor fitting cannot fail. Discover why our indoor fittings make us the best at what we do.

Equipment malfunction? We’ve got you covered. Club Champion can provide you with more than a fitting, we can service all your club needs!

What in Sam Hill is the SAM Puttlab? Here's an in-depth look at the advanced technology that will assist you in sinking more putts.

What Shaft Profile is best for you?
Shafts are the first thing our Master Fitters will fit you for during one of our fittings.  In this #InTheBay episode, we take a look at different shaft profiles.

Custom club fitter offers free putter fittings to encourage a fitted flat stick

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